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Where Your Home Begins!

Located at 204 West Depot Street in Greenville, KY, Malone Home Center has been serving Muhlenberg County and the surrounding region since 1936. Originally established as a building materials operation, the company has expanded to include hardware, plumbing, electrical, painting, flooring, cabinets, home decor, and rental departments. In 1989 the company opened in its present location, a 30,000 sq. foot building, and joined HWI, now called Do it Best Corp.

Paul Gabbard
Paul Gabbard - CEO

President and CEO Paul Gabbard represents the third generation to operate the full-service lumber-hardware company. Paul credits the success of the company to the dedicated employees of Malone Home Center and to the loyal customers from Muhlenberg County and beyond. Malone Home Center specializes in customer service, superior products, and competitively priced merchandise.

Outside Sales: 

We have a team! With sales team employees that have been involved with the business since 1999. They fully understand the construction process and enthusiastically serve the customers so they can complete their projects efficiently and quickly. As a result of our sales' guys knowledge, experience, honesty, and commitment to service, our guys' have won the confidence and respect of contractors and homeowners throughout the region.

Come see Our Sales Team for any of your home building needs. He will make sure that you have the resources you need for your building project. Call us at (270) 543-6379 with any questions.

One of the more crucial types of assistance we offer is our immense inventory of all things hardware related. Not only are we a hardware store, but we’re also a hand tool and power tool retailer, a home decor store, a lawn-and-garden center, a lumberyard,  building supply retailer, and a paint supply store - just to name a few. If we have not got what you are needing in stock – which is a small chance! – no worries, we can ship it for you from our warehouse to our store in no time at all and at no extra cost.

Having the best products is nothing without bringing on the best people, our team members are what set us higher than the crowd. Every one of us is a fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable Malone Home Center representative: a pro in every respect! Even then, that wouldn’t mean as much to our customers if we did not give the friendliest, most attentive, and most personalized customer service ever. We take great enjoyment in aiding our customers to purchase the best merchandise for the needs and financial situations by explaining how a product is used how it is meant to be used and providing additional consultation if wanted. If you come to us, you have our full attention.

So...what’s the holdup? If you haven’t given us a shot yet, come over to Malone Home Center today, and see for yourself the reason why many of your neighbors have named us their lead Greenville hardware retailer. We hope you’ll think so too!