How to Keep your AC running all summer long in Greenville

With summer in Greenville comes days at the beach, cookouts, and ac upkeep and improvements. (Although to be honest, no one thinks about our air conditioner until it breaks or until the first bill gets delivered.) Much like car or lawn care, your air conditioner, from straightforward window units to complex central air systems, needs to be kept up. You may be asking yourself, “why do I need to work on my ac unit if it works when it’s turned on?” Air conditioning accounts for about half of warm weather energy costs and doing seasonal maintenance not only helps with the bigger summer energy bills, but it will save you money by avoiding high-priced repairs. Maintenance can also help your cooling system last up to twice as long and help with indoor air quality.

There are numerous ways to keep your ac system operating through the hot weather, one of the easiest is to make sure there is no debris within 2 feet of the outdoor unit. This will prevent leaves, dirt, and other unwanted things from getting lodged in the condenser and causing loss of efficiency. Vacuuming the fins of the condenser helps keep unwanted items out of your air conditioning system as well.

Want to prevent your air conditioning from running all day? A programable thermostat solves that! Programable thermostats keep your ac system from wearing out expensive parts and helps manage the summer cooling bills by giving you the ability to decide when the system should run. By far, the most effortless things you can do are; keep doors and vents open, keep items from obstructing air return vents, and check that windows and doors are sealed, (especially with window ac units.) All of these will help keep your home cool and avoid unneeded wear and tear.


Summer in Greenville also means more time outdoors and more time looking at your ac system, which, is most likely not the greatest feature of your outdoor paradise. There are various ways to make your ac unit complement your backyard aesthetic, like upcycling your weathered fencing into a trendy and green ac cover. Maybe you want better camouflage without suffocating your air conditioner, an ac house may be a better idea. Not a wood enthusiast? You can create a stone ac cover with pavers and cement for a rustic effect. If you like to have straightforward access to your outdoor ac unit, an ac cover with a hinged lid may work better. The DIY possibilities are endless!


We encourage our customers to exercise good maintenance habits to keep their ac working well all summer long. If you get stuck, have a question, or just need help choosing the right tools and supplies for your Greenville ac maintenance plans, reach out to us at (270) 338-3252 or stop in today!

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