Some of the best Greenville lawn and garden tips from our pros

Warm months in Greenville means more time outdoors and more wear and tear on your lawn and garden. Insects, weeds, pets, and company all play a role in your garden not being as appealing as it once was. Fear not! Malone Home Center has the know how, products, and advice to get your grass from shabby to remarkable in no time.


Lawn Care Year Round

While most of us only think of our Greenville lawn and garden in the summer months, regular upkeep throughout the year keeps your yard looking greener and your garden full of life.

  • Starting with fall, bushes and plants need to be trimmed, sprinklers should be emptied, and grass should be fertilized for the last time.
  • Winter in Greenville is strightforward, once it freezes, let your grass be. If you maintained it in the fall, it’s resting until warmer weather!
  • With the warming of spring comes the first mow of the year, beginning starter plants indoors, and the plans of yard improvements.
  • Summer months in Greenville means regular feedings, planting started flowers and vegetables, cutting your grass higher, (so it doesn’t brown as easily,) and seeding any areas that are thin. 
Tool Maintenance

Of course, maintaining your Greenville lawn and garden means tools. And just like your lawn, tools need to be upkept too.

  • Draining the gas out of your power tools at the end of the season will help limit old gas from messing up the motor and will prevent expensive repairs. (This goes for oil too, replace old oil at the end of the yard care season.)
  • Gardening tools need care too. Keeping your pruning shears, shovels, and other gardening tools sharpened and free of rust will avoid damage or rot to your plants.

 Keeping Pests at Bay

Your garden maintains the ideal scenic backdrop for get togethers throughout the summer months, until that first mosquito bite or accidental step on a prickly weed happens. Don’t worry, we can help you ward off the never-ending itch of biting bugs and the irritation of not-so-nice plants.

  • Spraying or spreading for weeds, crabgrass, and biting insects should be done at the start of summer and depending on what kind of prevention is used, every 2 to 6 weeks afterwards.
  • To keep you and your pets safe when using insecticides or herbicides, always read the product labels
Everyone usually likes summer and the life it brings to our outside spaces. If you are searching for the best products to keep your Greenville lawn and garden green, happy, and worry-free, Malone Home Center is the place to be.
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